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Many of us constantly ask: what is my purpose? What am I here on earth to do?

Or if we think we know our purpose: how can I continue to refine my purpose to be of more and more benefit?

The feeling of being untethered by lack of purpose is a symptom of not being fully self expressed. And not being fully self expressed is a symptom of not fully accepting and making space yourself. And not fully accepting and making space for yourself…well, that comes from from a lot of different places but that’s where we begin.

I once had a spiritual teacher tell me: if you don’t know what you are here for, make your every thought, every breath, every word a prayer of love. Your job is to BE love.

To me, that made perfect sense. For as long as I could remember, all I have ever wanted was to vibrate at the frequency of love. To shape the situations and people I interact with through love. To raise the consciousness of the planet through my own embodiment of love.

But what does that mean? How can I put that into practice?

This has been the subject of most of my deep thoughts over the past 5 years…how can I embody love in a way that allows it to reverberate out into the collective in a meaningful, healing way?

Who am I to think that I could impact the world in such a way? Who am I to NOT think that?

And so the struggle raged.

What I came to realize that all of my doubt is simply my resistance, and that my work lies in dissolving my blocks and resistance to love.

And so, among other personal reasons, I decided to take a sabbatical away from my work and more forward facing persona to turn inward and begin the journey of releasing the binds of my heart. It was part surrender, part curiosity, and I was at a point where I just didn’t really care if curiosity killed the cat. So I let it all go and I trusted that everything would begin to fall into place if I just did the work.

I looked hard at all of the parts of myself I was rejecting and trying to diminish. I looked at how I hustled for love. I looked how I expressed myself and where I was showing up fully (which, in truth, was nowhere) and the reasons I felt like I needed to stay small. I looked at my stories and my fears and my family line and my genetics and literally every nook and cranny I could find, and it didn’t become a neuroses but rather a practice of devotion. Something I committed to doing over and over and over, everyday for the rest of my life. The practice of becoming love.

And the question shifts from what is my purpose to I AM MY PURPOSE.

And we stop asking what we can get out of a particular situation and instead see all the opportunities we can show up to that situation and infuse it with more love.

And so, through our integrated and HOLY transmission - one that effortlessly gives AND receives Love - we become a healing resonance of love. And that resonance reverberates out into the collective and works its magic without you having to be or do anything more than that.

It’s really that simple, and that complicated.

YOU are your dharma. What you do with your life is your hobby. You came here to learn how to embody Love. And the work you have done here - in this group - is the most important work you could ever do. Releasing your blocks, unwinding from the illusion and embracing yourself with love and reverence and openness. Shifting your center INTO your center, so every thought, every word, every breath, every interaction is a prayer of love. The intention and the journey is sacred. The work is infinite. But there is literally nothing else.


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