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Hands of Love Reiki School 


is the most comprehensive, in depth and expansive Reiki Training available. Not only will you learn the secrets of becoming a masterful Reiki practitioner, but you will also understand how to use your amplified energy source as a catalyst of Love and healing. Your hands and the intention that pulses through them will have the power to heal bodies and hearts, your own included. 

In the decade since my first Training, my relationship with Reiki has evolved many times over. From disbelief to surrender, to going through the motions to empowerment, and now into empowering others to embark upon the same (but different) path. I have been offering healing sessions for ten years and trainings for the last five. It is my greatest honor to offer Hands Of Love.

Reiki can be a portal for deepening our connection with the pulse of love that endlessly flows through the multiverse, and within all of us. This connection can be described as: love, intuition, ecstasy, nirvana. Dropping into the flow of that connection is arguably the most healing experience one can have, and - in my opinion - the highest expression of Reiki is the facilitation of this.

Each virtual, self-paced Reiki Training program includes:

  • Private Attunement Session

  • Lifetime access to course content

  • Specific Bonus Materials

  • Email access to Christina for 30 days for course support

Hands of Love is the space to develop or deepen your path as a deeply passionate, highly informed and competent SUSTAINED/SUSTAINABLE energy worker. 

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