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The Medicinal Wisdom Healing Transmission is a bespoke energetic and spiritual healing experience that illuminates your inner wisdom and supports your innate ability to heal.


A Medicinal Wisdom Healing Transmission is your pathway to spiritual, emotional and physical relief that will help you embody the deeper meaning available through dark nights of the soul and crises of health and wellness.


Your healing will begin with a 20-minute call to connect and deepen into what you are working on, after which your Medicinal Wisdom transmission will begin.

Plan to set aside 60-minutes for the entire experience.

You will then have continuous access to a personalized virtual Portal that will house my findings and recommendations, customized practices, meditations and journaling prompts for 30-days from the day of your Healing Session.

Your virtual Portal is where you will integrate the work we do in the Healing Session, and find supportive resources that will help you deepen into your journey and embody the relief available to you.

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