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The Deeper Meaning

Almost a year ago, during my very first doctor’s visit after discovering I had Lyme, it was recommended that I start doing regular energy work.

I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 10 years and have worked with countless people on their own health journeys and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t roll my eyes.

For months, I did literally everything BUT energy work.

My resistance was, in part, because I had lost connection with the divine.

I had seen it work miracles with my own clients for years, but it just seemed so…far-fetched.

But I also thought it might open the pandora's box of inner work I had been avoiding.

Inner work is 100% a HUGE, non-negotiable aspect of healing, but I was already doing a ton of it and, frankly, I was tired and unsure I needed to go deeper.

Plus, I was getting better, so why poke the bear…

It wasn’t until I became frustrated with the pace of my healing that I finally reconsidered.

I understood that we don’t really get a say in who or how we are on the other side of these experiences, but after months of focused effort, I was still completely maxed out after one small activity a day.

I was thrilled with my one small activity a day as it was a massive improvement, but that is not a life.

So I made the appointment.

I can’t tell you the shift was immediate, but it was pretty damn fast.

It wasn’t that my body got better or I did all this conscious inner healing.

I stopped carrying a massive, heavy energetic load around with me.

I felt light and I felt free.

And that lightness gave me energy, and that energy gave me curiosity and ambition, and that curiosity and ambition returned to me my connection with the divine.

It reminded me that what I used to do all those years ago wasn’t some far-fetched hoax, it was something that genuinely served people.

I experienced first-hand the impact I used to have on people, and I felt such profound relief.

A few weeks later I was reflecting on my new appreciation for energy work, and I realized that not only did I want to offer it again, I was ready to.

Throughout my journey with Lyme, I have always known that the deeper meaning of my dis-ease was to return me to my gifts and to inspire me to share them again.

And so I am very gently opening my calendar to offer my Medicinal Wisdom Healing Sessions once more.

A Medicinal Wisdom Healing Session is a bespoke energetic and spiritual healing modality that illuminates your inner wisdom and supports your innate ability to heal.

Meaning it is an energetic healing modality that I created, pulling from my Reiki trainings and my lineage as an intuitive healer, and each session is unique to the person in front of me.

Over the course of my career so far, I have successfully worked with people on journeys with chronic illness, chronic pain, addiction, mental health issues, PTSD, women’s health issues including infertility.

I used to joke and say that I was the witch at the top of the hill that people would always come find when they needed help.

I’m ready to step back into that role.

If you feel called - or know someone who is on their own healing journey - I would be thrilled to welcome you into my space.


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