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About Me


I have been working with Christina for nearly 2 years, through a period of great transition, growth and evolution. I cannot imagine having moved through this time without her mentorship. I have worked with coaches and therapists in the past, and my work with Christina has JOYOUSLY elevated my life more than anyone I have worked with.

Christina is a gifted channel and coach with so much generosity of spirit. She is clear, wise, and direct. She has helped me to understand all the parts of myself that once made me feel trapped, and welcome them. She's aided me in strengthening my connection to my inner wisdom and inner teacher. Through her guidance and loving support, I have experienced a deeper self trust and self love than I ever had before. She has helped me to recognize and embody the power that I hold within, and to do so with love. I will be forever grateful for the growth that has come through our work together, and recommend her to anyone who is ready to evolve, and looking for loving mentorship.

Nadia G..

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