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What would you do if nothing was required of you?

What would you do if nothing was required of you?

I love this question because it gets to the heart of the October Mantra: “I meet the fullness of each moment with an open heart and an open body.”

If there were no distractions - if you were able to be fully and consistently present without worries of other people, health concerns, and money fears - what would you do?

I remember an ex-boyfriend of mine asked me this question once and the answer was so easy to me: I would work with women to help them reclaim their sovereignty and connect to love (I actually said that when I was 19...21 years later and here I am!!)

I’m lucky that I get to do that now, but I’m certainly not always present.

And so the question becomes - what opens my heart and my body? And then the answer turns poetic:

I would sing more. I would dance often. I would hardly ever wear clothes. I would take long baths and short naps and always smell like roses. I would make the most delicious, nourishing meals, and eat and laugh and dance under the moonlight. I would make love hungrily and loudly and wrap myself around my beloved and breathe in his skin and bask in his presence and strength. I would lounge in the sun and lay naked and read until it sets. I would tend to my rose gardens and paint and write poetry. I would go on long, meandering walks on dirt roads and get lost in thought. I would listen to the ocean and watch the stars and breathe deeply the clean, crisp air. I would laugh and weep and feel my open heart and it’s stunning radiance and stand in astonishment and surrender into the flow of this beautiful, heartbreaking and mystical world.

What would YOU do if nothing was required of you?


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