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The Longing Is Where The Bliss Is

There are days that I wake up and my entire body hurts because I am longing for Love. I feel such grief in being unseen, uncared for,’s almost unbearable. This has been a lifelong affliction - not one dictated by having a partner or not.

Those days used to be my least favorite days. The ones I understood the least and resisted the most. I mean, who wants to feel that!?

It took me a long time to finally get curious about what was happening and to make some space to explore it. And by explore it, I mean get present with it and withstand the waves of anguish, rage, fear and emptiness.

Once the intensity of my discontent cleared, I entered a space of recognition. It was like tearing away a veil of illusion and finding myself standing in front of a mirror. Which is to say: what I am yearning for is simply a greater expression of myself.

The longing is where the bliss is. No matter what it is you seek out (we seek just two things: Love (when our feminine is more dominant) or Freedom (when our masculine is most dominant)), you are seeking it because there is a part of you that is contracted and not fully expressing that within yourself.

When you realize that you are, in your fullness, your own greatest dream and aspiration, you embark on a journey of self-actualization and celebration that will carry you through a lifetime.

What do you long for, and what are your practices for getting present with your yearning?


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