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Revolutionary Love

Setting out to love in a way that is masterful and revolutionary usually comes after a moment of recognition when you realize that there is more to life and relationships than you’ve been experiencing. That the balance is off and you are in a one dimensional shoebox instead of a limitless expanse.

The path forward usually begins as one of externalization and excavation: looking at how everyone or everything in your life is at fault and leveling it so you can rebuild the life of your dreams. It’s usually during the rebuild when you realize that it was you all along. And that the work that needs to be done is an inside job.

Turning inward and choosing to engage with life in a way that will confront you with your wounds and triggers, but instead of avoiding or collapsing around them, you build structures that will support your growth out of them. This is the path of liberation.

Loving in a revolutionary way means understanding the interplay of polarity - masculine and feminine energy - within you, and mastering the balance. Pursuing the container (masculine) for creativity and flow (feminine); surrendering into spaciousness (masculine) and simultaneously resting in fullness (feminine); to consume (masculine) and be consumed (feminine).

To fill in the blanks from yesterday’s post:

How does one ravage themselves into ecstasy?

You create the safe, trustable structures and boundaries you need in order to unleash the wild chaos of your creativity, flow, fullness, indulgence and pleasure in them. You hold steady and strong as you are met with your own tests and denials and challenges. You prioritize devotion as much as you do expression. You live and love as an intentional offering of your wild and open heart and your soft and luscious body.

What are some of the practices that I can engage with in order to create the container for this?

Anything that is a consistent and daily practice builds your nervous system and creates trust in yourself. The honoring of commitments and completion of tasks is what will give you the space to open yourself in a way that allows you to be guided into more depth.

Daily Meditation

Consistent exercise & strength building


Cold water therapy

Without trust in the masculine, the feminine will not fully emerge. The feminine will consistently test the commitment of the masculine (are you *really* here? Can I *really* open? Do you have what it takes to handle All. Of. Me?) and it is the job of the masculine to unwaveringly offer its presence.

The balance and interplay of these elements in a personal practice, and then in practice with a partner, will illicit deep healing and even deeper pleasure. First on the individual level, then in relationship, and then out into the collective.

The foundational practice of Revolutionary Love is ravaging yourself into ecstasy, and then letting your own resonance vibrate out into the world.

Choosing the path of mastery over ego. It means overriding patterns and programs and fear and pain and working through trauma in order to arrive at Love. It means unattaching yourself from outcome and moving in a way that is free.

Loving masterfully means acknowledging your own desires and needs and seeking to source their satisfaction from within, so that you offer to the world your creative force instead of your neediness.


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