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Presence Is The Chariot To Love

Often, when triggered in relating (with a partner, friend, family member, child) what is on the surface - the feelings of hurt, anger, frustration, etc. - are reactions to trauma (meaning your mind is caught either in the past or the future).

We carry so much shame, pain, grief and fear in our subconscious minds and our bodies that often the one thing that we need to release them - presence - is the most elusive because we are in such committed avoidance.

There is an agony/bliss entanglement when you release your attachment to your thoughts and feelings and enter the present moment. Agony because in that moment, your ego isn’t being dialogued with, and bliss because what enters the conversation is Love.

At some point, what wants to come through you becomes more powerful than anything else and you embark on a path that trains you to suspend the knee jerk dissent into the past for a glimpse into the present.

And always - without exception - what wants to come through you is Love: simultaneous fullness and emptiness of the universe; the radiance of life itself.

The moment you arrive in your body without thoughts of the past or the future is the moment you begin to fully experience Love.

Presence is the chariot to Love.


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