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On Practicing While Dating

On practicing while dating:

May I have the courage to stay open.

The me before Embodiment was always afraid. I couldn’t trust myself, not because I was not a trustworthy person, but because I felt so traumatized by a lot of the things I had experienced in life, and I let those stories take front and center in my perceptions of reality.

Meaning: I saw life through the lens of my trauma.

Which is exceptionally normal for a traumatized person.

It’s also exceptionally limiting and frustrating. Like living in a cage with the door wide open but you’re not sure how to take the first step out of it.

If you’ve known or followed me for a while, you’ve witnessed the winding path it took to bring me to this point. The point of trust. Of surrender. Of devotion to my own wisdom.

I’ve shared here through my relationships, my heartbreaks, my celibacy and journey to self-partnership, and my emergence from the cocoon of self back into the world of connection, pleasure and joy.

My biggest pain points have always been through relationships. Being abandoned by my mother at age 17 triggered some pretty big distortions and I’ve fumbled my way through some very challenging experiences that, of course, reinforce that wound.

But once I started really truly deeply connecting with my body and listening to the wisdom it contained, I was able to finally find some distance from my triggers. To trust the decisions I make because I know that when my body is relaxed, soft, supple, open, wet, and my breath is full and deep, and when I am so present in the moment I don’t even remember I have a phone, let alone want to check it...I am being given a green light.

And when my body is rigid, cold, closed, clumsy, and my breath is sharp and shallow, no matter what my mind might be trying to tell me, the light is red.

I do this work so I don’t have to rustle through a Mary Poppins style bag of trauma and limiting beliefs founded in fear to find clarity and move through the world with confidence and purpose.

And I teach it because I know how liberating it is to finally be in a place of trust after a lifetime of fear, clenching and questioning. I want you to have what I have.


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