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Manifesting Magic: Journaling Prompts

  1. If you could have anything, anything at all, there is no limit; what would it be?

  2. Why do you want these things? Don’t get all judge-y with yourself. Just be 100% honest about why you want what you want.

  3. What’s the one main goal that you’d like to focus on?

  4. Create your prayer or request to whatever higher power you believe in.

  5. What are your funky thoughts around this goal? List them out here so they have a space to play in and they can stay out of your way.

  6. Can you trace where these funky limiting beliefs came from? Where did those seeds first get planted? Where are the roots? You’re not blaming anyone, you’re just connecting the dots so you can see the picture clearly.

  7. As you trace the roots, you’ll often find that it was someone you loved and trusted who planted those ideas or limiting beliefs. You have to understand that these people are Whole People - they have their own stories, trauma, funky beliefs, etc. And often, they were only trying to help you and protect you. Maybe your limiting beliefs came from life experiences more than from a person - you still need to forgive and release. Who and what do you need to forgive?

  8. Create a new story...

Tell your story in the past tense with compassion and then tell the new story. Such as: “I know that a,b,c happened and that it felt x,y,z but you don’t need to feel that / believe that anymore. You are safe…” Now write the new story / reality.

  1. Write yourself an empowering mantra that you can write out and put everywhere so you see it all the time.

  2. Make a note of some known ‘trigger’ words or phrases or thoughts that you catch yourself in. As you notice them and call them out, it’ll be easier to release them.

  3. What will you start saying instead?


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