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How I Hold Space

I see my work as a space holder to include leading those who sit in container with me forward in a way that doesn't negatively activate their nervous system.

My work meets everyone where they are in each moment, and opens them forward in a beautiful and smooth manner. One that welcomes a soft opening, a return to gentleness.

Or rather: creating a distance from the imprint of SCARCITY.

We create a healthy, open dialogue with all the parts of ourselves so that we can release the lies that tell us that we can't be as we are.

When we are in the belief that the Truth of who we are is wrong, or unwelcome, we are rooted to the belief that there is not enough love in the world for us as we are.

And based on what we know about love: is love limited?

In a word: no.

But the belief persists that Truth equals Banishment.

We are excruciatingly bound to the voices that tell us that to be ourselves is to be open to danger.

We are hypnotised into fear and our own smallness.

It is a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic experience. Deeply encoded in the body and the psyche.

So my work is to hold space for women to detangle themselves from the sticky tendrils of that coding.

Which is why January’s Becoming The Source is called “Softening Open”.

We begin by bringing attention to our womb and consciously settle into it. So we see the patterns of distraction and gripping when we relax, and then redirect back to safety.

We remind ourselves that it is safe to surrender into an openness that welcomes our Truth.

We are inherently safe to be who we are.

We are taught that we are not.

So we have to train our bodies and our minds to align with the truth.

We soften into our womb space to connect with the wisdom that begins to pour forward. As we soften and breathe, everything softens. And as we soften our guard lets down.

And as our guard lets down, danger is signaled and we once again tense.

The loop.

The work is to sit with the waves until we finally, fully, completely Soften Open.

And as we soften open, we become aware of all the illusions that we hold in our bodies, because they are no longer able to make a home in our home.

Temple doors close tomorrow.


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