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Dancing With Fear

Before engaging with any feeling or opinion, ask yourself: does this have the power to inspire, open or expand me or others?

If the answer is no, then you’ll know your dance partner is fear.

Be careful with your thoughts. They create feelings.

Be careful with your feelings. They create opinions.

Be careful with your opinions. Your fear is contagious.

Misery loves company isn’t just a platitude.

It has become a way of life.

What I know is this:

The only way out of fear is through the willingness to see your perspective from a different angle.

If everyone around you is hypnotized into the same perspective, nothing is ever going to change.

We live in a world so deeply entrenched in fear right now.

And the only way to change anything is to start with yourself.

Break the habit of telling yourself and others how bad it is.

Stop looking towards struggle buddy memes and influencers to feel less alone.

Stop waiting for someone or something outside of you to change your experience.

Step out of the toxic loop of negativity.

🤍 Step into the expansive realm of possibility. 🤍

The realm you discover when you connect with your inner wisdom. The voice inside you. The Real You.

Bring that to the world, with an open and compassionate heart.

Change your thoughts and open your mind, and you will change your reality.

(There is always a different, better way of seeing things)


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