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Right now, we live in a world with all sorts of different information being directed at us from many different angles. Some of that information is sourced from fact, some is sourced from ignorant benevolence & some is sourced from willful malevolence & the intent to manipulate.

Regardless of your opinions, you need a nervous system that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of dissent, a mind open enough to hear & thoughtfully consider the other sides with compassion and curiosity, & an firm understanding of what you believe & what you want to create with those beliefs.

Many are easily swayed & manipulated because it takes time, focus, energy & strength to distinguish ones own individuality from the cacophony of others screaming their opinions into the void. A longing to belong, a desire for validation & community & an avoidance of confrontation & shame drive this.

There is a strong value system & urgency around blindly choosing a side and not evaluating where you actually fall on the issues.

A strong root chakra is necessary for developing the confidence & pause needed to understand the facts of the issues, but a balanced & healthy sacral chakra helps you to know which side resonates with you beyond the short term & into the creation of a bright, hopeful future.

The reason movements fall short is because people fatigue. The reason people fatigue is because they are not truly tapped into what is resonant for them & why. The reason people aren’t tapped in is because they lack the energy to withstand the pressure of loudest voices (which, unfortunately, are usually the malevolent forces that control the media).

Ceremony is a call to the action of turning inward and deciphering truth. It’s a place to tune out the noise and dissolve the ego and to connect & dialogue with the essence of who you are beyond all conceptions of self.


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