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An Open Heart Yearn For The Sake Of Love

An open heart has no connection to ego. It does not engage in power struggles or suffer insecurity. It seeks - without condition - the existence and creation of love; a deepening of love; an expanding of love.

Ask yourself: what situation in my life I am navigating from pride or fear? (This isn’t a time for judgment, but rather compassionate witness).

Become aware of how your body contracts when you think of this scenario. Decide to shift it and begin to breathe your body back open.

Ground down into presence on an inhale and soften your body open to love on the exhale. Keep going until you can release presence and drop into the ecstatic flow of love and let it flow through you.

Notice the difference in the quality of life itself when its’ core is a flow love. An open heart yearns not for itself but for the sake of love itself.


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