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A Force of Nature

A full, embodied authentic expression of self, when sourced in love, is a force of nature.

The internal experience that boils just under the surface:

The wildness that wants to run free.

The scream that wants to be shatter glass.

The sob that wants to be heaved.

The rage that wants to destroy.

The messiness that wants to organize.

The tenderness that wants to be soothed.

The fear that wants to be heard.

The void that wants to be filled.

The orga*$m that wants to explode through your body.

The hunger that wants to be sated.

The neediness that wants to burst into yearning.

We can feel everything that pulses through us in each moment - devastating and ecstatic - through the lens of Love. I know it doesn’t always seem that way, but it’s true.

Our feelings of fear, rage, revulsion, agony, grief…when processed through Love can be CREATIVE and HEALING.

It is possible direct the energy within and around you when you can touch and sit with the expanse of your soul.

You become The Source of your own


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