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Vibrate The Cosmos

A Five Day Transformational Journey

Are You...

Looking to transform your mindset from stagnant to inspired?

Searching for tools to develop deeper spiritual awareness and expand your consciousness?

Ready to command your mind and your reality into an experience that gives you unlimited energy?

Excited to learn how to show up for yourself and the world with grace and gratitude everyday?

Ready to be inspired and energized by your life and experiences?

Then You're Ready To Vibrate The Cosmos!


I created this FREE five-day transformational journey to give you tools and inspire you to live in a way that is deeply connected to your Source, open to the limitless possibilities of the universe, in awe of the endless magic around you and ready to show up in a powerful and inspired way!

Over Five Days You Will Deep Dive Into:

Techniques to shift your mindset from destructive to creative (think MAJOR manifestation skills)

The importance of having a daily practice

How not to give into old stories, fear, anger and frustration

How to leave victim mentality behind

Tips, tricks and hacks to living a fully amplified and energized life

How to be a light in this world by unapologetically embracing your destiny​

Why the thoughts you think, words you speak and foods you eat all impact your happiness and wellbeing, and how to up level in every way.

I will be sharing tons of heartfelt and easy to digest wisdom with you, along with ancient teachings and practices integrated with the latest in psychology, physiology, nutrition, technology, and more!

How Vibrate The Cosmos Works

Beginning Saturday, February 15 you will receive a daily email that will contain a new class, a discussion on the weeks theme, a journaling exercise, a recipe and some new high vibe lifestyle hacks.

Day One: Recognize The Other Person Is You - Today we discuss the merging of the finite self with the infinite self. We will talk about how a daily practice creates an internal shift that moves you away from scarcity and fear and towards empowered ownership of your life.

Day Two: There Is A Way Through Every Block - Next we uncover the mystery of manifestation, and how through meditation and opening up your perception of reality, infinity will appear. Miracles become a way of life and blocks seemingly dissolve.

Day Three: When The Time Is On You, Start And The Pressure Will Be Off - Here we will discuss the pressures of the time we live in, why they are important and exciting and how we can develop the grit and determination to move through them with grace.

Day Four: Understand Through Compassion Or You Will Misunderstand The Times - Without compassion, there is only victim consciousness. In victim consciousness, there is no sovereignty. This module we upgrade our mindset to eliminate the feelings like life is happening TO us, so we can fully embrace and command life in a way that happens THROUGH us.

Day Five: Vibrate The Cosmos. The Cosmos Shall Clear The Path - Understanding that the universe is an energetic magnet, we understand that what we put out we receive. Working on the purification of our thoughts, words and bodies, we begin to receive that which is of the highest resonance for our soul and our lives will flourish and inspire.

What's Included

  • Five videos jam packed with information and insights 

  • Five Yoga & Meditation classes

  • Transformative Breathwork practice

  • Journaling Prompts

  • A new signature recipe every day

  • Private Facebook Community (don't worry if you're not on Facebook - you can still participate!!)

Who Am I?


Hi there! Christina here...


I am serious about what I do and how I do it, but not so serious that we don't have fun along the way. I have spent years fine-tuning the courses and containers I create and more than anything – I approach this work with integrity, reverence and a sense of humor. I love working with people and watching them elevate out of an unfulfilling or limiting lives and into a world and life of brilliance, expansiveness and love. 

I teach people how to heal through pleasure, to connect with their intuition and to trust and prioritize those relationships. I hold space for the process of shedding the layers of resistance and story that keeps them from accessing the best experience of life possible. I amplify the healing process and lifestyle shift that is required once you click into alignment with your soul. And then you emerge, vibrating at the frequency of your prayers, ready to receive the blessings of love and abundance and happiness that are your birthright. 

Here’s what I bring to the table:

Certified Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Certified Council Facilitator 

Creator of Medicinal Wisdom Sisterhood Circles

10-years Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance Study & Experience
…and a whole lotta heart and wisdom and enthusiasm.

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