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"Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious."


My favorite thing in the world is working in the container of mentorship. Guiding women into deep connection and flow with their intuition, into the embodiment of the divine feminine and clearing pathways for pleasure, intimacy and love is quite honestly the greatest inspiration and honor of my life. 


My mentorships are the first manifestation of what you are looking to create in your life: a safe space to lay down your mask and breathe, exactly as you are.


Together we celebrate who you are in your most authentic expression of self and integrate your unique experiences and goals to process and heal the blocks you have that keep you separate from the life you KNOW you can have. Then we create practices and rituals to not only embody the version of you you're working towards, but also to align and boundary yourself in ways that will keep you connected and protected from sabotage, etc.

Which is to say: we create real and sustainable change.


It is beautiful to witness each woman I work with release the binds of their heart and step fully into pleasure and flow. It is breathtaking to witness the work we do together impact every facet of their life and the world around them. Learning to dialogue with pleasure in a masterful way teaches others to do the same, and is the vibration that changes the world. For testimonials, please click here.


I am interested in facilitating real, sustainable awakening, healing and transformation. I take on a very limited number of clients at a time and I go very deep with those few. I teach presence through presence, and my focus is entirely on cultivating into lifestyle the practices that we undertake on the path forward.


I am beyond grateful and honored to do this work and to be in process with my clients. I take what we do together very seriously, and seek out only people who are ready to go deep, do the work, break free and step into a transcendent life.


Mentorships every-other-week 60-minute calls and are inclusive of all virtual workshops, programs and events (excepting trainings & retreats) that I offer during the time we are working together. In addition to our mentorship sessions, a private portal will be created for you that will house your homework assignments and practice suggestions that will evolve along with your evolution.


In order to enroll into a mentorship, you either need to be a pre-existing client/student, referred directly to me or set up a 15-minute discovery call (form below) to gauge alignment.

If you aren't ready to commit to a mentorship quite yet, you are able to purchase a single session with me to work on a specific area.

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