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My path to Kundalini Yoga began on a mountaintop in Peru while in ceremony with the divine. After an intense two weeks of immersing myself in the rich, deeply spiritual culture, communing with Mother Earth, peeling away layers of illusion, I spontaneously walked into a Kundalini class. It took about a month after that first kriya for me to understand the depth of the experience and to recognize it as the messenger it was.

Upon returning home from Peru, I stripped my life bare. In that purity, the space Kundalini needed emerged and I was able to integrate it into my consciousness as well as my lifestyle. I began intensive, continuing studies with Tej, Gurujas, Guru Jagat and Harijiwan and soon became a teacher, completing the first ever teacher training at the New York City location of RAMA. Shortly after finishing the course, I began teaching at RAMA and taught there until I left NYC to travel the world in September 2019.   

Virtual Kundalini Studies

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