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A divine feminine awakening program for women who are ready to embody their deepest truth and live the joyful and abundant lives they are meant for.


This is for you if:

  • You feel stuck, lost, disappointed, or overwhelmed in your current situation

  • You are moving through heartbreak of grief

  • You feel unfulfilled, out of alignment, afraid to express yourself unapologetically

  • You are tired of feeling one-dimensional, of making yourself small for the comfort of others

  • You are going through a big shift, or transition - and you’re feeling called to alchemize the experience into something meaningful, even beautiful

  • You are experiencing a dark night of the soul - an initiation from one phase of life into another.

  • You desire a life of love, laughter, ease, passion, and joy, and you know it’s possible. 

Through embodiment practices, heart opening Ceremony, depth psychology, and neuroscience, Becoming The Source offers guidance, tools, and permission to connect with yourself on a soul-level, unlock the divine feminine, and release the binds that have prevented you from living your truth. 


Interweaving embodiment practices with spirituality, depth psychology and neuroscience, Becoming The Source not only aligns you with the depth and truth of your soul, but gives you the tools you need to release the binds that have prevented you from living that depth and truth NOW. 

"Becoming The Source Is An Intimate and Artful Uncovering of the Divine Feminine"


This divine feminine awakening program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Gently peel away layers of disconnect and dissociation and fully embody your most wild, empowered and creative self in a real and sustainable way

  • Heal your relationship with your body and mind and liberate yourself from limiting thoughts and belief systems

  • Nourish your heart and soul with deep but loving ancient and revolutionary practices

  • Align the inner depth and devotion of your heart with your outer expression in the world

  • Rediscover your unique gifts and feel empowered and inspired to share them with the world

  • Show up fully for a fulfilling and exceptional life of dharma


This divine feminine awakening program is for women ready to live their fullness and embody their deepest calling so they can live the joyful and meaningful lives they were meant for.

In this intimate and lovingly held container, you will:


  • Excavate the deep unmet needs that have been keeping you stuck in an endless loop of disappointment and dis-ease

  • Shift from self-avoidance to self-celebration

  • Become the alchemist of your story

  • Recognize and receive the abundant beauty, pleasure and love that surrounds you

  • Move from a powerful center of love and devotion as you intentionally design your most potent and fulfilling life

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