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Working With Shame & Fear

You don’t want to build a life on a foundation of shame or fear.

The problem is that shame and fear have been used to parent, control and direct people ever since we realized that we could force an outcome faster that way.

Shame and fear shows up for all of us, around lots of different things. For some of us, they show up in everything.

And to shift that shame and fear into worthiness and courage, you’ve got to do some work. And that work can be deep and painful, because you’ve got to get acquainted with the stories we believe or tell ourselves that reinforce our shame and fear.

But we do that work - we willingly walk towards the pain - because we want our lives to feel amazing. We want to live beautifully. We want to suck the marrow out of every single second and live with pleasure as our anchor and joy as our captain.

And we know that the path forward might not always be the one illuminated by love, light and rainbows, but it’s the one that will always, always lead you to a better, more heart centered life.

If you’re feeling it, keep going. Cultivate your ability to banish shame by getting curious about it and discovering the root. And then pull up that root and plant something gorgeous.

Work with your shame and fear. Learn to understand them and how to have conversations with them. Become friends with them so they stop controlling you. And then go out and build something spectacular.

You can do it, and you are worth it.

P.S. if you’re looking for a great audiobook, “Out of Your Mind” by Alan Watts is 🤯


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