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What To Do When You Are Struggling

In moments of struggle, release distraction.

Become so present with yourself- in the moment - that the external world and all of its noise fades.

So there is only you, in that moment.

Breathe deep into your belly, allowing your body to fill up with prana - life force - and gently soften as you exhale.

Softening into your fullness. Creating space for your intensity: your grief, sorrow, fear, rage, frustration, impatience...all of you. The full experience of you, flowing through your breath and your veins.

The universe within every breath and heartbeat.

Who do you become when you give yourself permission to be? After the rush of unfelt feeling has been felt, and the torrent of tears have been spilled...when you finally settle in to your body that has become a home...who are you?

How do you move? What does food taste like? Are colors more vibrant? Your skin more sensitive?

Does your laughter spill out and fill the room?

Are you able to look at your children, beloved, parents, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers, enemies and see them as human? And love them from a place of acceptance?

The same place you’ve learned to love yourself from.

Because you finally made space. For presence. For yourself. When it would have been easier to numb and hide. Instead you chose to feel.

And the entire world opened up the way a rosebud opens into a bloom.

Becoming The Source means Becoming The Bloom.


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