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What are you embodying?

There are ways of tricking yourself (and others) into thinking you’ve done the work and evolved into a more integrated and healed version of yourself.

The whole fake it til you make it model in spiritual circles can be explained away by the law of attraction, or focusing your energy on what you want to have a greater experience of, or genuinely WANTING to be a certain way and gaining access through your vocabulary but not your heart.

You’ll know this is happening if someone’s actions don’t match their words, or if the wheels fall off when the time has come to actually show up as the person they claim to be.

It can be very disorienting and disheartening, and while these situations always call for boundaries, there’s also space for compassion.

Because the journey to becoming an embodied human is a windy and painful one. And because it’s frustrating to want to be a certain way but be blocked by yourself.

I don’t think this is always done as a way of consciously manipulating a situation, but it does always have hurtful consequences.

My question is: what are you embodying and what are you performing?


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