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Thus Spake The Soul

I grew up being told that laws and religion existed to show people how to behave and think because without them there would be chaos and destruction. That never sat well with me - I do not believe that self-actualized humans are violent, hateful or dangerous.

At our most undistilled, our souls pursue uncorrupted love, beauty, creativity, ecstasy. We are always being given signs and cues as to what the soul is seeking. But often our understanding of what is sought is corrupted by the pressures of the outside world and our own egos.

The soul speaks to us through pleasure and whenever we choose to conform with the standards of the outside world instead of our inner wisdom, we are self-gaslighting. We begin to trust the outside world more than we trust ourselves, and from there, we become disconnected and discombobulated.

Developing true self-intimacy and a groundedness in your pleasures and desires is in part what allows for an unencumbered life. The other part is developing the confidence to not only pursue them but also to bring forth what does not exist yet into the world.


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