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The Sacred Art of Self Healing

The whole point of engaging in the sacred art of self healing and transformation

Is to:

Open portals to the divine. Connect you to the depths of love. Flow into rivers of ecstasy. Ignite fires of pleasure.

It’s not easy work. There is no quick fix. It sometimes feels like your skin is falling off as your heart breaks and your whole world crumbles away beneath your feet.

But don’t forget that along the way - along with crying, screaming, praying, bargaining, contorting, whimpering, surrendering - we are also meant to:







✨Feel sensual


✨Experience beauty

✨Invite silliness

All you have to do is:

✨Commit to showing up even when you don’t want to

✨Ask yourself (and the goddess/universe) the hard questions and be patient as the answers arrive

✨Feel and move your body

✨Awaken to the pleasure that lives beneath the surface of the pain

✨Deepen your relationship with the planet - how you treat The Mother is a reflection of how you treat yourself

✨Trust the path you’re on, and stay the course through the shadows

✨Devote yourself to celebrating the light instead of complaining about the dark

✨Decide to become the Helper you always needed


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