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The Revolution is Parasympathetic

The Softening Open practice in January’s Becoming The Source takes you on a journey through your body by way of your vagus nerve - the most tangible manifestation of our parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest and receive). By resetting our vagus nerve, we start to feel like we have space to breathe. Our body softens. Our stress melts away.

And often, as our stress melts away, we are jolted back into tension and anxiety.

It’s wild to witness the body reject relaxation. It's even crazier to know that this is a reflection of our mind and our heart as well.

It happens to ALL OF US, because we are conditioned to believe that relaxation leaves us vulnerable to danger.

The hypervigilance we see in the world right now is a perfect reflection of the hypervigilance that lives in our bodies.

So the work makes itself clear: we must learn to sit with the waves, and with our discomfort until we finally, fully, completely Soften Open.

This is why Becoming The Source starts gently. Because we are welcoming a completely new way of engaging with the world, and that takes some time and practice to actually settle into. We bloom together, and Become together.


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