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The Privileged Soul: An Eye Roll

A few years ago, I was talking to a very well-respected and well-known spiritual teacher who was pregnant and proudly telling me about how only high souls choose yogic families to incarnate into...

I remember politely nodding and smiling but cringing at the immaturity and danger of that sentiment. To think that the earthly choices one makes, or the access to information or lifestyle one has somehow impacts the worthiness of our soul - an incorruptible source of perfect and unconditional love and cosmic consciousness - has disastrous consequences.

This superiority complex reinforces the root of all inferiority complexes - that something one does could add to or take away worthiness, or worse - that there is a fundamental unworthiness interwoven into the fiber of our existence.

Where in your life do you feel unworthy? Chances are, there’s also somewhere in your life that you feel better than others. Both of those edges need to be softened.

There is a universal desire to merge into oneness that clashes with the universal desire to be special. But we need to awaken to the fact that we are already simultaneously both.

As you become the source in your own life, you begin to see everyone else as the same source. When you dissolve the insinuation of a hierarchical system in souls, along any continuum, you offer yourself an awareness of your own completeness. Together apart//apart together//different but the same. Multitudinous expressions and experiences of god.

We all want to believe we are special - and we are - but simultaneously we are all also the same. And the sooner we can fully welcome ourselves and each other to the table - not just as earthly equals but as high and holy beings - the better. The sooner we begin worshipping ourselves and each other for our shared and perfect divinity, the more divinity we will share.


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