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The Moment It All Changes...

Once we realize that it’s time to stop running, everything changes. The moment that we quiet ourselves enough to establish a point of contact with our inner wisdom, we understand that all we have ever sought externally has always existed within.

What happens next isn’t a miracle, but it feels like one.

It’s as if your lungs fill with air for the very first time. And with that first gulp of oxygen, you can feel through all your resistance, fear, shame and pain, and surrender to the voice on the other side that calls you (the REAL you) forward. And even though it can be scary and lonely at times, you begin to emerge. You become seduced by the rhythm of your own inner wisdom and truth begins to dance out of you.

We realize that we are The Source, and our work then becomes that embodying our sacred truth.

In doing so, our illusions of scarcity, insecurity, fear, stuckness, smallness and aloneness begin to fade. We began to powerfully, and with sustained energy, show up for an aligned and purpose driven life. One that feels like it was perfectly designed for each of our unique expressions of life. Because it was.

Life is still life, but it is so much…better.

This is the initiation from finding oneself to knowing oneself to eventually BEING oneself. The Becoming The Source.

It’s an initiation that awaits us all. Some choose to walk towards it, while others fiercely resist. The resistance, ironically, is what creates the gutting life experiences and a prolonged sense of disorientation.

So my suggestion to you is to surrender. Wave your white flag and seek out the work and devote yourself to it.

Give yourself radical permission to become the source.


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