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The Medicinal Wisdom Meditation

I am so happy to offer you my Medicinal Wisdom Embodiment Meditation - one of my favorite offerings that I have ever created, designed to get out of your head (the space of analysis and judgment) and into your body (the space of creativity and flow) so you can tap into the wellspring of wisdom that exists within you. Please read this write up before beginning the meditation.

I recommend practicing in a quiet place with space to lay down and move around, and enough privacy to make noise. You may want to have a journal nearby to write about your experience when you are finished.

Additionally, if you are pregnant, or if you have a mental health condition that might be aggravated by going into an altered state of consciousness, please do not do the breathwork - instead do long deep breaths or your regular breath, and continue with the practice as it is.

Okay, with that out of the way...let’s talk about what we will be doing here.

I offer you this meditation as the portal to awaken your heart and enliven your soul, and as a tool that will enable you to live a life that extends beyond the boundaries of your imagination. We do this work so we can fully receive the abundance of love in the universe and so that we can offer that love in an unconditional way to the world around us. We heal ourselves so we can heal the world.

The meditation that you’re about to listen to offers you a unique opportunity to let down all your defenses and just be fully yourself. It includes breathwork, movement and sound as the vehicle of transcendence from your monkey mind into the wisdom temple of your body. Your body is the vehicle that will connect you to your heart and soul. When you are connected in this way and you allow whatever wants to move through you to move through you, your experience of the world becomes ecstatic.

This transformation happens because you are experiencing the fullness of you, fully embodied, through every facet of the human experience. And believe me when I tell you that it is the most breathtaking and unifying experience you can ever have.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about at this point, so let me illuminate you.

So many of us feel not fully self-expressed - like there is so much more to us than what we are able to communicate with the world - and we find a lot of frustration from the isolation, misunderstanding, and conflict that comes from not FULLY living your truth. Embodiment is the welcoming of all of you - the fullness of your essence - into your human experience.

We develop an embodiment practice to cultivate a relationship with the parts of us that have been abandoned or neglected, either out of indoctrination, trauma, fear or shame. When we create space within ourselves for all aspects of our self, we embark on a path of self-actualization which has the beautiful side effect of enabling more of us to be felt and seen by the world, which then has the beautiful side effect of our own feelings of being acknowledged, affirmed and accepted.

This work relaxes the nervous system - it will put you into parasympathetic dominance - the rest, restore and receiving state of experiencing the world. If you have a tendency to be on high alert (as we ALL do), you will become more relaxed. You might at first experience some resistance or some spontaneous acts of the body - you may yawn, sneeze, cough, cry - but these are all signs that your nervous system is finally letting go because you feel safe. What a gift!!!

Through this work, you are actively training your body and your mind to recognize itself as the source of safety that you have been seeking, thereby overriding a lot of the energetic output spent in searching for that safety. With that energy preserved, you can turn inward and begin dismantling the old patterns, wounds and blocks that have kept you feeling stuck or afraid.

Your breath is the foundation of your embodiment practice - without it you stay in your head. With it, you drop into a state of flow and depth and recognition. We will always breathe in through nose out through mouth. At a certain point it becomes almost like a drug, dropping you into a deep trance ritual where you will transform old, stagnant energy and go into an altered reality where you begin to get downloads and deepen your relationship to yourself and source.

Sounds will want to come out. Growl, hiss, etc. - might feel silly or childish but can be so delicious to help you embody certain parts of you and know how to find it. When was the last time you growled or hissed or howled? These sounds connect you to different parts of yourself that can be integrated into your practice and into your Self.

Through this allowing, you begin to cultivate a trust within yourself that you will carry through in every aspect of your life.

Once you get breath going and move through these external experiences, then you can start to move. By engaging the BREATH FIRST you will get into the altered state/deep trance. By using the breath as a portal to alter consciousness and activate deeper states within ourselves, we let go, clear feelings and access wisdom and higher states of consciousness, and allow ourselves to move into symbiotic relationships with each other.

Which brings me to my final point - that of energetic purging through the body. We have all heard of the mind, body and spirit connection, and those of us who have already done deep work are familiar with this experience. The connection between the mind, body and spirit deepens and merges into one as you walk along this path. The body becomes a mirror for the energetic releasing you will do, and the deeper you go into your practice, the more normal this will seem.

Everything is welcome and all is good as long as you recognize that you are safe within yourself and that the intensity will never exceed your capacity. We are moving it out so we no longer have to dialogue with it through our subconscious blocks and patterns.

I am thrilled we are embarking on this journey together, and I am so honored to guide you through this magical awakening of your deep inner wisdom.

With much love,


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