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The Key To Liberation

Every morning since the year began, before I get out of bed, I listen to Becoming The Source's January meditation/practice, “Softening Open”.

It felt a little weird to do at first, especially because I’m listening to myself speak, but wrapped up in my linen sheets with my eye mask still on, something about it feels so comforting.

The meditation is intended to take you into the depths of your inner landscape…shuttering out the world around you (which isn’t always easy to do in NYC) and welcoming in the rich darkness of your soul.

I don’t mean darkness as a negative term, but rather as a representation of how everything begins its earthly journey: ensconced in darkness (the dirt for seeds, the womb for babies, etc.). This darkness is the most fertile and nourishing environment in existence.

I allow myself to go deep. And as I settle in, I become so aware of my own resistance to all of the things I am working towards in my personal world.

And in this awareness, I realize that I have discovered the key to my own liberation.


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