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The Importance of Receiving

You must learn to receive, not only for its power but also it’s virtue. If you aren’t receiving, you are taking. We all have needs, but we take when we don’t trust that they will be met. .

Receiving requires trust. Spaciousness. Strength. .

When you take, you deplete. When you deplete another, you deplete yourself. .

Receiving is unconditional - without judgment. It demands vulnerability. It exists in an unseen realm that resides within your soul. .

Taking is conditional. You cannot be filled by what you take. It lives in the bottomless pit of scarcity consciousness. .

As within, so without. .

Learn to receive. You will save the world. .

Receiving is opening yourself up to be filled by the endless abundance of the universe and allowing what you need to be satiated by that infinity. Taking is expecting another human or thing to give you something that you perceive is lacking. When you receive, nothing lacks. When you take, an endless list of lack appears. .

Receiving is understanding that we exist on a continuum that extends beyond our conception of time and space, and understanding that we can pull and be satisfied by energy and connections that dwell in other lifetimes. Taking is looking for a tangible experience to quell an intangible space. .

Receiving is holy. Taking is earthly. We exist between both dimensions but can consciously choose where we put our energy and effort and focus at any given time.

You learn to give only your strength and highest vision. only to spaces that are deserving. To fill darkness with light. To vibrate love in the face of any challenge or trigger.

You learn to hold yourself in exaltation. To celebrate your light and love and capacity. To protect yourself the way you would protect the innocence of a child.

To make room inside your holy land for an ancient, beautiful love, no matter how impossible. To hold the vision despite the challenges. Understanding great souls merge to create greatness under the gaze of God and to be deserving of that gaze requires a certain devotion.


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