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The Hiding Is What Hurts

Did you know that all of the answers you seek to all of the questions you have, have always existed inside of you?

But the reason you can't hear them is because - for lots of reasons - we have ALL been programmed to hide from our inner wisdom.

But the thing is, there isn't any reason to hide.

We think hiding protects us. That it keeps us from being outcast, ridiculed, and scrutinized.

But we have it all wrong.

The hiding is what hurts us. The not allowing ourselves to be seen. The failure to follow the calling of our soul to bring forward the lives that we are meant to be living.

We don't need to hide; we need to bloom into who we truly are.

We need to connect with who we truly are, and allow ourselves to love what we love.

To create what we are meant to create.

To own what is real and true, and to know it's safe to be seen in that truth.

Here's what I know to be true:

🤍Once you begin to bloom, more space opens up for you to be who you are.

🤍Once you connect with who you truly are, you start to fall in love with yourself in a way you never knew was possible.

🤍Once you allow yourself to love what you love, you magically call in more of it.

🤍Once you start creating what you are meant to create, your entire being exhales, confusion and disconnect begin to disappear, and life starts to feel like one big love affair.

The moment you allow yourself to embody your truth is the moment everything changes.

Because those churning questions of who am I, what am I here for, what am I meant to do, etc. finally have answers and you emerge the tightly closed bud of who you felt you had to be.

All of your masks fall away, and you see the beauty in the radiance of your true self.

You begin the transition from knowing yourself to being yourself.

It's safe to be seen. It's safe to be heard. It's safe to be FULLY you.

You don't need to hide anymore.

Becoming The Source is open as the container for you to bloom in. Join us.

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