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The First Container

Your body is your first masculine container.

The space where you learn boundaries, respect, devotion, discipline and desire.

How you care for your body

How you connect with it

How you listen to it

How you follow it

How you nourish it

Is all a reflection of how aligned you are with surrender. How open you are to your feminine flow of wisdom.

If you want a life of abundance -

You need to know how to surrender.

If you want a relationship of deep intimacy and expansiveness -

You will need to surrender.

If you want real, sustainable health and energy -

You must surrender.

If you want a life of flow and ease -

You have to surrender.

Not as “I release responsibility for my life to the divine” way, but rather as “I take radical responsibility for the way I interact with the divine and trust that I am being led.”

Not only do you contain the divine (feminine), but you are also held - literally constructed by - the divine (masculine).

As you yearn to be held by the masculine, you learn to reveal your feminine...

Refine your relationship with surrender and tap into your access to a life of pleasure and abundance.


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