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The embodiment of my embodiment

In Becoming The Source you are encouraged to take space. Fully. No apologies, no shame, no clinging to smallness to please anyone. We want you big and juicy, filled to the brim with life, creativity and truth. Because through your authentic offering of self, we can see ourselves in each other and be emboldened to show up as even more than what we thought was the most.

The sisterhood we create yearns for your fullness. Your bigness. Your messiness. Your realness.

Because we know that ONLY when we can be fully expressed in our fear, loneliness, pain, grief, rage, scarcity, etc. will we fully experience love, union, ecstasy, joy,

Space must be made for the shadow if we truly hope to dance in the light while navigating the realities of life during chaotic and challenging times. Otherwise we are simply running, and running - after a while - can be exhausting.

And when we are exhausted, we see the world through a dirty lens. One that tells us we have no sovereignty, or control, or space, or safety. And so we go deeper into the shadow and lose sight of the light.

Becoming The Source is the embodiment of my embodiment - the product of everything I have learned and experienced thus far, delving into the worlds of sacred intimacy, the divine feminine, spiritual awakenings, shamanic ceremonies, energetics, somatics, yoga & meditation, eastern philosophy, council, trauma, neuroscience, depth psychology, psycho-spirituality...a life lived and then studied and explored, as that is how I make sense of and alchemize my experiences into the medicine I offer the world.


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