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The Ego/Soul Conversation

There’s a deeper nuance to the impulse (ego)/desire (soul) conversation (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my last two posts)…that of realizing that the ego is part of the soul, and therefore impulse is a fundamental part of desire.

Your ego is what sets the stage for the lessons your soul incarnated to learn. The struggles you encounter in this lifetime aren’t arbitrary - they are a carefully composed symphony of experiences designed to bring you from an unconscious state into a conscious one.

So therefore, your ego is a desire of the soul. The ego exists to call in and receive the experiences that create the necessary friction to bring you from an unenlightened state into an enlightened one. But that friction isn’t meant for you to endlessly loop around with, but rather to feel, learn, process and release.

Once you learn a lesson you can’t unlearn it, so there’s no need to relearn it…and yet one of the most frustrating facets of the human experience is our almost hysterical compulsion around repetition.

Because also: one of the most comforting facets of the human condition is our hysterical compulsion around repetition.

Because repetition = rhythm and rhythm = flow. And flow, my friends, is bliss. Our rhythmic intelligence in motion is how we understand our soul.

So your work isn’t to cast out your impulses as a lesser version of yourself, but rather to welcome them in as part of the greatest version of yourself. To become acquainted with what is at the root of your impulses and to allow that to simply become information that informs - not directs - your journey.

Your work is to become the architect of your desire. To choose the pull of the soul over the compulsion of ego while still being in full awareness and acceptance of the ego. To surrender to the divine calling from within.

Living from a space of embodied wisdom, in deep communion with your rhythmic intelligence. That is enlightenment.

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