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The Choice Of Gratitude

The absolute most important thing you must do as you transition into any new phase of your life (whether you are still in the “manifesting” stage, whether it is in process, or whether you have already reached your goal) is to stay steeped in gratitude. This is true whether the transition is welcome or not. And I am VERY well aware of how difficult gratitude can be, how confronting it will be and much it might seem like I am suggesting you bypass the darker elements of life.

You choose gratitude because choosing ingratitude, or putting your focus in complaint or scarcity, on what is not working will draw your attention more and more to it, and eventually your entire experience will be clouded by negativity. You will only see injustice, challenges, ugliness and fear.

This is not to say that you can’t simultaneously recognize and rage against the darkness and injustice in the world, but unless you want your life to be ruled by them, you better figure out a way to train your mind away from it.


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