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Tapping Into Your True Nature As A Healing Modality

If I’ve learned anything from journeying with Lyme, it’s that I am no longer capable of living in a way that is outside of my nature.

The truth is: none of us are.

This discovery has led to lots of inquiry as to the nature of that nature.

The questions I have been asking are:

What am I consistently drawn to?

What of that gives me energy?

Does it feel good to bring my focus to?

How can I integrate this into my life?

These are questions I think we neglect to ask ourselves with frequency, and in the absence of clarity around their answers we become attached to a rigid sense of self, or engulfed by extrinsic values and desires.

And in that rigidity or engulfment, we become vulnerable to dis-ease: mental, emotional and physical.

So how do we merge our true nature with who we present ourselves as and how we live?

Especially if we hold shame or resentment or rejection towards the aspects that we have kept hidden (as if often the case), embodying our true nature can be one of the more challenging tasks we can undertake.

But it's not like we are ever truly able to suppress what we have tucked away.

It impatiently waits to be called in, like a kite whipping in a windstorm.

So the work is to slow down, get quiet, get clear and get open.

Because we’re always going to be who we are.

We don’t actually get a choice in that matter.

But what we do get to choose is how we relate to ourselves, and how we express ourselves.

Here’s the awesome thing:

The answer to “what is my true nature” can be traced back by following what you love and how you want to feel, and embodying it can be achieved by consistently sharing that with the world.

It’s like my favorite line from my favorite Mary Oliver poem “Wild Geese”:

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

I go into this and so much more in my book The Medicinal Wisdom Guide to Healing Lyme & Chronic Illness.

The title of the book is deceiving, as it's really a book on healing…the whole she-bang, but written from the perspective of my own experience (and those of hundreds of my clients) with chronic illness.

You learn how to get ahead of (or remedy) the misalignments we live in our soul so that our bodies can be and stay healthy, and you learn all of my “tricks” to support the body along the way.


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