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Sympathetic Mania

For lots of reasons, many of us are sort of caught in a constant stage of fight or flight - quick to react, always looking for danger (especially now), consumed with guilt or grief when simple kindnesses are extended to you…you might find it difficult to trust or even relax.

And while we can live our entire lives like this, at a certain point our bodies and our minds begin to crave something different. And if we’re not paying attention, that unmet craving can manifest as anxiety or depression, collapsed intimacy, feeling dissatisfied with life - like there is no meaning or purpose, or you’ve made a big mistake in the choices you’ve made for yourself. The list is long and pervasive, but it’s my belief that most dis-ease in our lives comes from a disconnect with our bodies and our intuition.

So the answer becomes “softening open”. Learning to connect with yourself in a way that also acknowledges and answers all the resistance you have to doing so. Developing self soothing techniques to help you awaken and expand your capacity to relax and receive. Rewiring your neural pathways to support your connection with self and source.

Januarys theme in becoming The Source is “softening open”, where the focus is on gently warming up the nervous system to relax and receive. It is the foundation for healthy and sustained embodiment and the point from which we truly begin to heal our relationship with the world around us.

If you’ve been doing the work but feel like there’s more depth that you’d like to welcome into your life, this is where to focus your attention.

It’s time to shift from forcing doors to open, to softly, gently allowing them to part.

The temple doors are closing soon. Join us in Becoming The Source.


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