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On Becoming A Cycle Breaker

You are not cursed. The universe is not conspiring against you. In fact, you are blessed and protected beyond measure. You are meant to live abundantly and on the other side of fear.

You are not weak, incapable, ineffective or small. You are deeply, deeply powerful and capable of changing worlds. You are vast, and all of you is needed and wanted here.

You are not the sum of your trauma, wounds, fears or anger. You were born as love and you are here to remember that you are love. Happiness is your birthright.

You don’t need a guru or someone to tell you what/how to think, where to go or how to get there. All the answers you are seeking and tools that you need are already inside of you. You are the source of the wisdom you have been searching for.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perspective. Someone to point out the paths available and to illuminate the one you choose with hope. To empower you by reflecting your greatness back at you. To offer you permission to expand into your dreams.

These are all things I can say to you because I have said them to myself, and used them to elevate myself out of the scarcity consciousness that held me hostage for so long. And now, I get to offer you the method I used to illuminate my own path forward with hope, abundance and joy. A method so simple anyone can do it.


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