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Manifesting From The Soul

Most manifestation teachers give you a formula for how to call in things that you want. Your first exercise is to identify something you don’t have and you decide you need/want it, and then *enter formula* and it magically appears in your life. It’s a good skill to have, as we live in a world that requires our effort in survival, but if you think about are manifesting from your mind, and your mind is manifesting from ego and scarcity. .

Not to say that we don’t have brilliant minds capable of altruism and amazing expansive thinking. We do. It’s just that when it comes to what is actually available in this vast universe, the mind simply cannot process the totality of possibility. So the foundation from which you manifest is built in a false, limiting and limited reality. (And even more so, how many times has your mind gotten you in trouble because it is influenced by your ego?) .

What I am interested in is manifesting from the level of the soul. Learning to converse with the highest vibration of consciousness and calling in a life that is aligned with your highest good and dharmic offering. It’s not: what don’t I have that I need to make me happy? It’s: how can I elevate my experience so much that my life is an offering of love and joy and service simply by me living it?


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