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Love, Connection, Joy & Pleasure

The world needs more people who show up as transmissions of Love, Connection Joy and Pleasure.

And you can only show up as that if you ARE that.

We offer Love when we experience Love. We offer Connection when we are Connected. We offer Joy when we experience Joy. We offer Pleasure when we experience Pleasure.

The block is thinking that these experiences need to be delivered to you instead of FEELING them through every moment.

The block is thinking that the outside needs to look or be a certain way before you can feel a certain way.

Love, Connection, Joy and Pleasure are NOT conditional experiences.

They are ever present conditions.

Your blocks to them are rooted in trauma, fear, pain, etc. - the things we call your shadow.

And while you will always have a shadow, that shadow cannot exist without the presence of light.

Get acquainted with your shadow - make friends with it - so you can live comfortably in the light.

So you can be A Light in a world that is screaming in the shadows.


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