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Love, because there is no alternative.

So here it is:

We all have unique gifts. We each have a particular way of shining, a specific mission and a genius way of serving. In order to show up fully - to the very best of your ability - you have to spend the time getting to know yourself and do the work to clear the blocks you have from fully expressing yourself so you can show up in this world and really, truly make the impact you are here to make.

The Turning Inward. The Becoming The Source. The Doing The Work. All of it is not so your experience of yourself and the world can be better (though that is a pleasant byproduct), but rather so the world itself can be better. Safer. Weirder. More loving. More blissfully chaotic. More alive.

Keep showing up. Keep following what turns you on. Keep taking the opportunities you’re afraid to take. Keep expanding yourself and opening yourself and softening yourself so you can not only receive the blessings of the universe, but offer them through your holy transmission.

Love, because there is no alternative.


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