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Life very rarely sets us up for the life we want to's how we work it.

I share my life and my process pretty freely these days. I’ve stepped away from the paralyzing belief that I have to project a finished, perfectly healed and put together persona in order to be a person of benefit on this path.

Because the truth is, the work never ends - not for anyone. We just become more and more familiar and comfortable with what the work is and how to navigate it.

Our conversation with life changes the more we devote ourselves to changing it.

Like everyone, I have lived through my fair share of trauma, heartbreak, uncertainty, self-destruction, reflection, rebuilding and emerging as new. For a highly sensitive, highly aware and highly engaged feminine-essenced creature, that tends to be the natural rhythm of life.

It is for all of us - I just live it a little louder than most. Which is my superpower.

Life very rarely sets us up for the life we want to live. But we each decide the force of magnitude we will give to the things that have happened to us, and the focus of attention we devote to creating the life we want to create.

That said, it’s not all a cognitive decision.

In order to truly step through into living the way we want to live, we have to bring the whole of us into that decision: mind, body, heart and soul.

Becoming The Source, my divine feminine awakening container, brings you on a journey from the mind, into the body, into the heart, as a way of experiencing and expressing your soul.

January is all about softening open, and February will begin to edge us into pleasure (pun intended)…


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