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How To Seal In The Work

During a client call yesterday, we were talking about the importance of accountability to ourselves, about making choices that support our own happiness and peace and not just the happiness and peace of others, and how an embodiment practice can keep us rooted to what that means and how that looks.

An embodiment practice - to me - is what seals in all the other work we do. It can be a stand alone practice, or it can be one that welcomes and deepens the other ways you show up for yourself:

The contemplative exploration

The plant medicine

The yoga & meditation

The diet and exercise

The hydrotherapy

The psychotherapy

The numerology

The tarot

The art

The sacred s*x

The list is endless and can include pretty much anything you do with intention. A ritual, with reverence.

But here’s the thing: you can do all these things and deeply, deeply connect with your heart and soul, but still be living adjacent to yourself.

What an embodiment practice does that the others do not, is offer you the chance to fully integrate the downloads and epiphanies you receive through those modalities, and actually BECOME your true self.

That’s what makes this practice so powerful, so mysterious, so weird, and also so difficult to stay committed to. Because it doesn’t just change your thoughts and behaviors - it transforms your essence into its undeniable truth.

And when we begin to shift, we are met with what I call Holy Resistance. It’s holy because it’s powerful AF, and also because when you are up against it, it’s actually showing you the way forward. Follow your resistance, you might say…

With the holiday season in full swing, not only do we have more resistance, but we have less time, patience, bandwidth and motivation than we usually do. And the first thing to fall off the table tends to be what you have the most resistance to. Am I right???


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