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How To Release Insecurity

Insecurities form when we develop a distance from our true selves, as we adopt the belief system that something is wrong with that true self.

And if those insecurities are not dealt with, they become pathologies. And those pathologies become dangerous, because when we identify with/as our wounding, we see the world through that lens. And we interact with each other from a wound, instead of from love.

So what is the answer?

Leaving the prison of the mind to embrace the wisdom of the soul, and learning how to see the world through that lens. And to interact with each other from love, not fear.

Which, in my opinion, is the definition of embodied intimacy.

The closer we get to ourselves, the better life becomes, and we leave the footprints of love on the world, not the gashes of wounding.

Self intimacy is developed by connecting with self. Connection with self is created when we release our conscious awareness and dive into the crystal blue waters of our soul. And the messages we receive from our soul are what we call our intuition. Our medicinal wisdom. Our truth.

Becoming The Source, my divine feminine awakening container for women who are ready to connect with their intuition and live the lives of abundance and joy they know they are meant for is open. Join us in the temple of wisdom.


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