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How fully can you engage with your anger?

How fully can you engage with your anger?

Meaning: can you allow yourself to have the fullest experience of your rage without spilling it out onto the world?

What about your heartbreak? Your grief? Your fear? Your pain? Your hate? Your *fill in the blank uncomfortable/dark/negative feeling*?

You’ll know how fully you can sit with yourself by how fully you can sit with someone else. Especially your partner and your parents.

Your triggers, your desire to control, your revulsion most often points to an inward version of that same story. Usually something you think is so painful and so unchangeable that you avoid touching it for fear of what would happen next.

A prison of your own making, projected outward to distract you from what is churning inside.

The good news is you are not bound by the prison you live in. Once you identify the bars they begin to bend. It just takes a little courage to look at them. To sit with them. To understand and befriend them.

And then, using your breath, your body and your sacred voice…you release them. You become free. You step into the fullest expression of You.


For yourself. For your people. For the world.

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