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How Do You Become Who You Are?

In a world that is constantly telling you who you should be, how do you become who you are?

It is a devotion to self to choose yourself. To break free from the chains of expectations and step into the wilds of authentic self-expression.

And it’s not as easy as what is often anger, contraction and rigidity masked as truth. Because “your truth” will always be softness. It will always be open and full hearted. It may be boundaried, but because it is TRUTH, nothing can threaten it. So it doesn’t need to be defended. It just is.

But can you see how threatening that might be to a world that is committed to sameness? How a woman composed and unafraid - unable to be controlled - might be terrifying?

And so choosing that path is one of devotion. Intentionality. Trust.

Because there will always be opposition. There will always be disruption. There will always be attempts at distraction and confusion and shame and fear. There are institutions devoted to grooming singularity and shunning differences. There is ancestry of exile and death.

So choosing to know yourself with profound intimacy and to live drenched in your uniqueness is a devotion of: soothing your nervous system, rewiring your neural pathways, rewriting limiting beliefs and stories, honoring and forgiving the past, embracing - celebrating - your “imperfections”, cherishing your needs and desires, welcoming pleasure, dancing with your darkness, laughing at your humanness, opening your heart, and letting your soft body love what it loves.

You become who you are by aligning so deeply with the sound of your own heartbeat and the song of your soul that you literally have no choice. Nor would you ever choose anything else.

Becoming The Source, my divine feminine awakening container for women who are ready to connect with their intuition and live the lives of joy and abundance they know is meant for them is now OPEN! Join us in the temple of wisdom.


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