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Hold your Voice. Hold the Vision. Hold your Heart.

I have studied the chakra system extensively, in becoming a reiki master and yoga teacher (kundalini, vinyasa & restorative) as well as through my own independent research and decade of working with private clients, and now in offering Ceremony virtually to the public.

For the longest time, I basically ignored the throat chakra. It didn’t interest me at all. I think there was even a part of me that didn’t think it was important.

Mostly because - I realize now - I was in constant self betrayal, centering others needs and desires over my own and agreeing to things that were in violation of my own path. I wanted to be liked - loved - so I offered myself to whomever would have me, however they wanted me.

It took me an equally long time to replace my old patterns with new ones. To emerge from the clumsy space of pushing everyone away and speaking all my needs as if I were the only one that mattered and hearing other people’s needs as a violation of my own...into graciously seeing other people and their experience, and compassionately taking care of myself alongside them.

This is the natural trajectory of growth. Of awakening.

We see this play out in the dismissive “Good Vibes Only” and ruthless “Speaking My Truth” bypassing that goes on around us constantly. Turning our off-screen lives into a reflection of the on-screen algorithm, holding no space for the differences or experiences of others if they conflict with our own. Which is not to shame that part of the process, only to acknowledge that it is simply one step on the staircase. I see it as being protective of what feels fragile, and evolving naturally creates trust and curiosity which then leads to expansion and openness.

We are in a collective process of this now. The push/pull dynamic is shocking and heartbreaking and at times terrifying and dangerous but it is also obvious and heartening and hopeful and necessary.

We Learn. We Rise. We Bow. We Breathe. We Make Space And Hold Space. We Trust. And eventually...We Will Emerge And Embrace.

Hold your Voice. Hold the Vision. Hold your Heart.

We are Awakening.


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