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Healing The Sacred Masculine

As we have come to understand, each human being contains their own unique imprint of feminine energy and masculine energy. And while this program is designed to help us connect with and amplify the divine feminine within, part of that includes - rather, necessitates - that we also begin to look at our imprint of masculine energy.

It’s not too hard to connect with our inner masculine - that’s that part of us we lean on to parent, to be businesswomen, to execute and built. It’s the structure we lives our ives in, the parts of us that keep us present, centered and safe.

There’s a book by journalist Liz Plank called “For The Love of Men”. I haven’t read it, so I can’t fully recommend it, but the general gist of it all is that men have been as brutalized by the patriarchy as women have. And that the majority of the issues we have in society - the mass shootings, the terrorism, the war, the crime, the Ponzi schemes, the deadbeat dads, the cheats, the wife beaters…it’s all the same problem. An unhealthy masculine. An unloved and uncelebrated masculine. An under-nurtured and overworked masculine.

It’s easy to throw these concepts around, but what does any of it really mean?

So first, let’s try for a basic understanding of masculine energy. We’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth repeating.

The masculine is consciousness. Presence. That which sees and shines light on. That which gets shit done. The masculine is that which has a singular and most important focus - a mission in life. Through understanding and pursuing his purpose (and it’s important to note that the masculine purpose is never his relationship), he will then be able to tap into love, but without a strong inner purpose, you will find a masculine prone to weakness. And the true, inner heart of the masculine, is one of bravery - even in the face of death. Only through the tests of the feminine will the masculine cultivate this bravery and rise into his fullness.

In practical terms, the masculine is the part of us that gets shit done. It’s the part that is celebrated by society. Almost all of the reward systems are built around the masculine, and so not unlike pavlovs dogs, we overdevelop our masculine traits to survive, succeed and fit in. And while slowly that is changing, our nervous systems and our consciousness lag in catching up to what’s in front of it, and we are left - as a collective - with a very wounded, very burnt out masculine.

The way to nourish the masculine is through freedom practices. Another way of looking at this is death practices. Through silence. Through stillness. Through the absence of responsibility. Obliteration.

It also looks like strategically strengthening the nervous system so that we can hold the immense pressure and responsibility of the masculine. So that we can learn to trust it’s capacity and surrender to it.

And finally, it takes a humble exhalation for the masculine to fully thrive. A celebration of the these hard won and practiced traits. A boundarying of them and recognizing and celebrating their sacredness.

It is a very different kind of work than what we’ve covered thus far, but it’s vital in developing balance and health in our energies and our systems.


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