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Gentle, Yet Powerful

I open all my containers with the same approach: gentleness.

My intention is to meet everyone where they are in each moment, and guide them forward in a way that soothes them and allows for their bodies, minds and hearts to truly open.

In these spaces, forcing/muscling through/hustle culture will always be the least effective way forward. Mostly because the underlying “vibe” of all of that is scarcity.

Here’s why this is so important:

When we create a healthy, open dialogue with all of the parts of ourselves (mind, body and heart), we can release the shame and conditioning that tells us that we can't be true to ourselves.

But the only way to start that conversation is to be invited in.

When we are in the belief that something within us exists that is wrong, or unwelcome, we are rooted in the belief that there is not enough love in the world for us as we truly are.

And based on what we know about love: is love limited?

In a word: no.

But yet, the belief persists that our Truth would equal our Banishment.

We are excruciatingly bound to the programming that tells us that to be ourselves is to be open to danger.

We are hypnotised into clutching fear and our own smallness.

It is a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic experience. Deeply encoded in the mind and the psyche.

And so my work is to hold the space for the women in my containers to detangle themselves from the sticky tendrils of that coding.

We are inherently safe to be who we are.

We are taught that we are not.

So we have to train our bodies and our minds to align with what is actually true.


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